What is Anthony Levandowski’s Net Worth?

Levandowski’s net worth is estimated to be $20 million in 2023. His salary is not publicly known, but it is likely that he earns a significant amount of money from his investments and from his work as a consultant.

Who is Anthony Levandowski?

Anthony Levandowski is an American engineer and entrepreneur who is best known for his work on self-driving cars. He was a founding member of Google’s self-driving car project, which is now known as Waymo. In 2016, he co-founded Otto, a self-driving truck company, which was acquired by Uber for $680 million.

Anthony Levandowski's Net Worth

How Anthony Levandowski invests

Levandowski has invested in a number of companies in the self-driving car and artificial intelligence industries. He is also an investor in cryptocurrency.

How Anthony Levandowski’s Net Worth Fell to Negative $50 Million

In 2019, Levandowski was ordered to pay Google $179 million for stealing trade secrets. This caused his net worth to fall to negative $50 million. However, he has since been able to reduce his debt, and his net worth is now estimated to be $20 million.

Has Levandowski Formed Other Companies?

In 2018, Levandowski founded Pronto.ai, a company that is developing self-driving software for off-road vehicles. He is also a co-founder of Nuro, a self-driving delivery company.

How Did Anthony Levandowski Make So Much Money?

Levandowski made a significant amount of money from the sale of Otto to Uber. He also earned a large salary from Google. In addition, he has made money from his investments in other companies.


Anthony Levandowski is a successful engineer and entrepreneur who has made a significant amount of money from his work on self-driving cars. He is also a controversial figure, and his net worth has fluctuated over the years. However, he remains one of the most prominent figures in the self-driving car industry.

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