Glimpxo Ethics Guidelines

We maintain a commitment to upholding ethical standards in our coverage of entertainment industries, refraining from the publication of personal attacks against individuals or companies in the sectors we report on. Additionally, we extend this principle of respect to our colleagues within the industry. Our emphasis is on objectivity when addressing sensitive topics.

We are dedicated to adhering to the guidelines set forth by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). As part of this commitment, all our video game reviews include explicit information about the platform on which the game was played and disclose the source of the provided copy, when applicable. We also take into account regional or platform-specific factors and ensure that our disclaimers and disclosures are prominently and clearly displayed.

Maintaining Separation in Editorial Roles

In our coverage of film and TV, we maintain a clear distinction between our reviewers and those involved in previews or interviews. For example, if a writer is invited to a set visit or a press junket, they will not be assigned to review the corresponding film or project. This separation ensures that our editorial and critical assessments remain objective and uninfluenced by studio access or relationships and our monetization teams.

Acknowledging Original Sources and Gaining Permissions

Unless assets or news originate directly from official studio sources or their PR affiliates, we consistently provide proper link credit to the original sources. We consider it our responsibility to contribute positively to the online publishing ecosystem and uphold the best practices of journalism. When utilizing images, non-official artwork, and similar materials, we make it a point to credit the artist and, where possible, seek their explicit permission for the use of their work.

Respecting Spoiler Etiquette

In our previews and reviews, we always honor embargoes and withhold any spoiler content until we have obtained explicit permission to publish, or until after the release date. When spoilers are significant or particularly sensitive, we exercise caution by refraining from including them in headlines and images until a sufficient period has passed. This ensures that our readers are not inadvertently exposed to information they are not actively seeking. In cases where spoilers are unavoidable and publication occurs during the release window, we consistently provide a prominent spoiler warning at the beginning of the article.

Our mission is not to spoil the entertainment experience for our readers but to cater to those seeking this content. In the event of corrections or requests for updates, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. Your engagement is invaluable, and it aids us in preserving our commitment to providing ethical and responsible content.”

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