Travis Kelce’s Father Ed Kelce’s Life, Age, Bio, Net Worth and More

Ed Kelce, the father of the renowned NFL player Travis Kelce, has consistently found himself in the spotlight due to his son’s remarkable success in the world of football. And more recently, for the dating rumors with Taylor Swift

As of 2023, records indicate that Ed Kelce is approximately 51 years old, having been born in 1972.

The Kelce family has undeniably left an indelible mark in the NFL, with not just Travis but his brother Jason Kelce also enjoying significant careers in the sport. 

This article delves into Ed Kelce’s age, background, and the remarkable legacy of the Kelce family in the NFL.

Travis Kelce's Father Ed Kelce's Life, Age, Bio, Net Worth and More

Summary of Ed Kelce’s Age

– Ed Kelce’s Age in 2023: 51

– Date of Birth: 1972

– Wife’s Name: Donna Kelce

– Notable Son: Travis Kelce

– NFL Achievement: First father with two sons against each other in Super Bowl

Ed Kelce’s Background and Age

Ed Kelce, born in 1972, is now 51 years old in 2023. While little is known about his personal life, he has garnered attention due to his sons’ remarkable achievements in the NFL. 

Donna, Ed’s wife, played an instrumental role in their sons’ lives, always nurturing their passion for sports.

Edward Kelce’s Criminal Record

Questions have arisen regarding Ed Kelce’s criminal record, but no concrete information is available on this front.

Ed Kelce’s Age in 202351
Date of Birth1972
Wife’s NameDonna Kelce
Notable SonTravis Kelce
NFL AchievementFirst father with two sons against each other in Super Bowl

Donna Kelce: Travis Kelce’s Mother

Donna Kelce, the mother of Travis Kelce, is not only known for being a supportive parent but also for her significant role in guiding her sons toward sports. Donna and Ed Kelce’s joint effort resulted in their children becoming one of the most famous sibling duos in NFL history.

Travis Kelce and His Siblings

Travis Kelce, a standout player in the NFL, shares his football genes with his brother, Jason Kelce. Both brothers have had remarkable careers in the NFL and even played for the Cincinnati Bearcats before embarking on their professional journeys.

Edward M. Kelce: Another Perspective

It’s worth noting that there is another individual named Edward M. Kelce, born in February of 1951, who appears to be unrelated to Travis Kelce’s father. He currently resides at 2914 Belmont Ave, Ardmore, PA 19003.

The Kelce Family’s NFL Legacy

The Kelce family’s legacy in the NFL is truly unparalleled. Travis’s reputation as a two-time Super Bowl-winning tight end speaks volumes. Moreover, the Kelce brothers have made history, marking a football milestone unmatched by any other siblings.


Ed Kelce, at the age of 51 in 2023, along with his wife Donna, is the proud parent of two of the NFL’s shining stars, Travis and Jason Kelce. 

Their collective contribution to the sport, coupled with the Kelce family’s remarkable legacy, remains one of the most heartwarming stories in the NFL’s rich tapestry.


How old is Ed Kelce in 2023?

He is 51 years old.

Who are Ed Kelce’s sons?

Travis and Jason Kelce.

Did both the Kelce brothers play in the NFL?

Yes, both Travis and Jason Kelce have had significant careers in the NFL.

Who is Ed Kelce’s wife?

Donna Kelce is Ed Kece’s wife and Travis and Jason Kelce’s mother.

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