Sex Education Season 04 Public Reviews

Exploring ‘Sex Education’ Season 4 Public Reviews: Is It Worth Watching? We’ve Compiled Diverse Opinions from Different Sources to Assist You in Your Decision-Making Process. Dive into the feedback about the show, and if you’re interested, you can read our in-depth review of ‘Sex Education’ Season 4 and learn more about the cast members here.


   “Season 1 and 2 were brilliant. 3 was okay and 4 is dross.”


   “Really disappointed in what they did with this series. I don’t understand how they could destroy such a perfect series with an absolutely disastrous ending, so many years for an ending like this?”


   “Used to be the best Netflix originals out there but the final season just wasted it. I’m just straight up disappointed how they managed to miss the last season this badly.”


   “I recently finished watching the fourth season of ‘Sex Education,’ and I must admit that I’m quite disappointed with the direction the series has taken.”


   “I was waiting for season 4 so desperately like everyone else and when finally it was out I binged watch the whole season in one day. I have number of Complaints about this season.”


   “I know that many of you fell disappointed for the last season, that it’s less fun than the previous ones, but I liked the change in witch they all can find themselves, get there to fight for what they wanted.”


   “This is by far one of the best shows on Netflix. Seasons 1-3 were brilliant which is rare for a series to have longevity on Netflix.”


   “Seasons 1-2 are excellent and explore original ideas, season 3 is a bit clunky but still great. Season 4 is a letdown and kinda ruins the rest.”


   “Great series that shouldn’t have seen the last season that ruined the whole idea… The writers (producers?) tried so hard to tick all the boxes that eventually turned the once successful series into something you can’t stop rolling your eyes at.”


    “I didn’t like season 4 nearly as much as the other seasons. It had a different vibe, maybe with the setting/school being different it just seemed off to me.”


It seems like opinions on “Sex Education” Season 4 are quite divided, with some viewers enjoying it while others were disappointed with the direction it took. As with any TV series, individual preferences and expectations can vary greatly, so it’s always a good idea to give it a try and form your own opinion. If you’ve enjoyed the previous seasons of the show, it might be worth watching Season 4 to see how the story continues for the characters you’ve grown attached to.

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