How Old is Pete Carroll?

Who is the oldest NFL coach?

Pete Carroll is the oldest NFL head coach at age 72. Bill Belichick ranks second, who is one year younger than Pete.

How Old is Pete Carroll

How long has Pete Carroll been coaching?

Pete Carroll has been coaching since 1973, so he has been a football coach for around 50 years. He started in college and came to the NFL in 1984.

What is Pete Carroll’s salary?

Pete Carroll has a salary of $15 million per year as head coach of the Seattle Seahawks.

Did Pete Carroll ever play in the NFL?

No, Pete Carroll never played in the NFL as a player. He played college football as a safety at the University of Pacific.

Pete Carroll’s net worth:

Pete Carroll has an estimated net worth of around $30 million.

Does Pete Carroll have a wife?

Yes, Pete Carroll has been married to his wife Glena Goranson since 1976.

Pete Carroll’s wife’s age

Glena Goranson was born in 1952, so she is currently around 71 years old. She is about 1 year younger than Pete Carroll.

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