How Old is Bill Belichick?

Is Bill Belichick still married?

No, Belichick and his wife Debby Clarke Belichick divorced in 2006 after being married in 1977.

Does Bill Belichick have a child?

Yes, Belichick has three children from his previous marriage – Amanda, Stephen, and Brian Belichick. Both Stephen and Brian work for the Patriots coaching staff.

Who is Bill Belichick’s current wife?

Belichick is not currently married. His long-time girlfriend was Linda Holliday, but they split up in 2023.

Did Bill Belichick ever play football?

Yes, Belichick played football in high school, college at Wesleyan University, and briefly in the NFL as an undrafted player with the Baltimore Colts in 1975.

Who is the oldest coach in the NFL?

Pete Carroll is the oldest head coach in the NFL at age 72. Bill Belichick ranks number 2, who is one year younger than Pete Carroll.

How long has Bill Belichick coached:

Belichick has coached in the NFL since 1975, so he has been coaching for 48 seasons.

How many Super Bowls has Bill Belichick won?

Belichick has won 8 Super Bowls total as a head coach and assistant coach, including 6 as Patriots head coach.

Did Bill Belichick retire?

No, Belichick is still the active head coach of the New England Patriots in the NFL.

When did Bill Belichick start coaching?

Belichick began his NFL coaching career in 1975 with the Baltimore Colts at age 23.

Bill Belichick’s net worth

Belichick’s net worth is estimated at around $35 million.

How much does Bill Belichick make?

Belichick has a reported salary of $12.5 million per year as Patriots head coach.

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