HBO Max: What to watch this week of September 25-October 1

HBO Max continues to deliver a diverse range of entertainment, and this week from September 25 to October 1 is no exception. From captivating documentaries to thrilling TV series, there’s something for everyone. Let’s explore the schedule:

September 25: “American Masters: Marilyn Monroe: Still Life (PBS)”

On September 25, HBO Max kicks off the week with a mesmerizing biographical documentary series, “American Masters: Marilyn Monroe: Still Life.” In this series:

– Dive into the life of the iconic sex symbol and actress, Marilyn Monroe, through a collection of photographs.

– Explore her unforgettable roles in films like “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,” “Some Like It Hot,” and “The Seven Year Itch.”

– Get an in-depth look at her romantic life and her numerous love affairs.

September 26: HBO Original “Savior Complex”

On September 26, prepare for a thought-provoking documentary series as HBO Max presents “Savior Complex.” This series delves into the case of “Serving His Children” (SHC), a non-profit organization founded by Renee Bachs. Discover:

– The shocking allegations of recklessness and incompetency faced by SHC.

– The revelation that Bachs treated children without a medical qualification, resulting in tragic outcomes under SHC’s care.

September 28: “Starstruck, Season 3 (Max Original)”

As the week unfolds, on September 28, don’t miss the return of the BBC Comedy series, “Starstruck.” Join Jessie, a New Zealander in her 20s living in London, as she navigates life working at a cinema and as a nanny. Her world takes an unexpected turn when she learns that she spent New Year’s Eve with none other than a famous movie star, Tom Kapoor.

Other Notable Releases from September 25 to October 1

HBO Max has more in store for viewers during this week. Here are some additional releases:

September 25

  – “Halloween Cookie Challenge,” Season 2 (Food Network)

  – “Kids Baking Championship: Bloodcurdling Bakes” (Food Network)

September 27

  – “Chopped: Volume 3” (Food Network)

  – “Crimes Gone Viral,” Season 3 (ID)

September 29

  – “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?” Season 4 (CNN)

September 30

  – “Hot Dish With Franco” (Food Network)

Please note that the schedule for October 1 is yet to be confirmed as of this writing. Stay tuned for more updates and prepare for an exciting week of entertainment on HBO Max!

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